Kennett River WiFi

Kennett River Holiday Park.

The Kennett River Holiday park, situated on the Great ocean road, 30 minutes past Lorne.  Offers various services and amenities to its wonderful guests.  One such service is Wi-Fi internet access to enable email and basic web browsing.

MyIT Solutions Pty Ltd was contacted by the Parks owners Paul and Briony Grocott to investigate options for providing a better, more reliable service to its patrons.

The current setup was a mix of DLINK routers and access points distributed throughout the park with a WEP PSK security setup.

Senior Technician Rohan King,  was tasked with the design and implementation of a new Wi-Fi network, with Per IP bandwidth throttling to prevent rogue clients sapping all the bandwidth.

Rohan chose a core router from the Draytec VIGOR range, which allows for multiple SSID's allowing for Park Management and Staff to connect to the Wi-Fi with "unthrottled" bandwidth and guests to connect to the Wi-Fi with the best Quality of Service available within the park.

The existing access points in the park were ample therefor Rohan connected them to the Draytec using the Draytec WAP management feature.

The Result:  A Better Internet Experience for everyone staying in the park.