The Rutherglen Wedding Company Website

A little over 12 months ago,  I met with Katie from chair ware to discuss  a website refresh.  Katie arrived at the meeting with preconceived design.  The previous site and web host were reviewed and it was concluded a new hosting platform was required.



MyIT Solutions, solution provider Troy Duffin reviewed the design material supplied and it was deemed the only method available to achieve the desired result was a static HTML page with custom css and a java gallery module.  The pros and cons of this design method were discussed with Katie

The website was quickly coded and the content, and images supplied by Chair ware were loaded and the site went live on the new host.

fast forward to today.....

The tasks of managing a static HTML page along with those of small business management and service delivery have proved that the initial platform we agreed upon hasn't achieved the result Katie was after.

So we meet again....Katie again arrived at the meeting fully prepared with a list of requirements.
This was a fruitful meeting with lots of ideas, current problems and resolutions were discussed,  A site refresh agreed upon at the request of The Rutherglen Wedding Company managing Director Katie Massari.  cost was a concern having spent her website budget only 12 months ago on a complete new site.

Katie's main requirements of the new site.

Crisp Clean and Contemporary
Improved Mobile Experience
Easier to Edit and Add content from any where
Better Customer engagement portal (contact us)
Higher Search Engine presence (Google)
Links to social marketing pages LinkedIn, Facebook, instagram, and YouTube
Having worked with WordPress in the past I was keen to show Katie how easily her ideas were achievable using such a platform,  A quick mock site was developed with some basic plugins installed and modified to suit the look and style she wanted to achieve.

A decision was made  The Rutherglen Wedding Company website will be developed on a WordPress blog platform.  Chair ware's current web host Jumba Interactive (AussieHQ) provide wordpress installations for free and many of the plugins available on the open source market will more than achieve the results she is after.

Now to Get to work on it,  This will be a lot of fun.