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We Don’t Just Build Websites, We Build Your Online Business!

Our team constantly monitors the emergence of new technologies that we are not afraid to implement in web projects. We create only selling websites – this is an achievement by drawing the design and working out usability. The approach to each new project is individual, we treat every customer equally, regardless of the size of the company and its budget.



Websites Which Stands Out For Your Business
Websites Which Stands Out For Your Business
We Endeavour To Provide The Best Customer Satisfaction
We Endeavour To Provide The Best Customer Satisfaction
It’s All About Making Your Business Successful
It’s All About Making Your Business Successful



Providing Excellence Through 11 Years of Experience

My IT Solutions is an Australia-based company serving local clients. We are a team of highly motivated and skilled professionals. We are a growth-driven web development and digital marketing agency.

Here at My IT Solutions, we develop solutions that help generate quality leads, increase revenue and drive conversions.

Our web design company knows that an excellent website is more than just a design. A good design alone cannot drive traffic, conversions, and sales. And that is where our team can help you.


What do we do?

Digital Marketing

We understand that there is no one-size-fits-all. Just because something worked for others does not mean it will work for you. Thus, our digital marketing company caters to your custom requirements. Want leads? We will help you create the best lead generation campaigns. Want to scale your business or grow your brand? We can help you with them all.

Web Development

Our web development company consists of industry experts with years of knowledge. They know how to ask the proper questions to help you make your business profitable. They also know the technical domain to advise on the most suitable technology for your website. Fast track your website launch with our web development agency.

Web Design

A good design is essential to your overall user experience. Our web design company team is full of individuals obsessed and passionate about web design. They go to any length to fulfill all your website design needs. We know how to ask the right questions and help you find efficient solutions.

Why Choose us

A website helps you carve your corner on the internet. Whether you are looking for a lead generation campaign, rebranding, creating demand, or just increasing your website traffic, we have the expertise to pull it all together to help you reach your goals.

 Our Web Development and Digital Marketing Agency brings the experience of 11 years to the table to help you create a website from scratch or rebrand the existing one.


As a family-owned digital marketing and web development agency, our main priority is YOU. We strive to provide a service that fulfills your needs. You can rely on us anytime. We will be there for you at every stage.


Assumption can kill businesses. Thus, our team at My IT Solutions assumes nothing. Instead, we use data to make all the decisions for everything from design to digital marketing.

Smooth and on-time

We value your time. We deliver all our projects on time and ensure that there are no stones left unturned. Our web development & digital marketing agency strives to keep the delivery process as smooth as possible.

We Make it Personal

We believe that your success is our success. Your business is as important to us as it is to you. We make sure that we meet all your needs and expectations. We also guide our clients to help them navigate the digital business world.

Increased Business KPI

Businesses have one end goal- To increase KPI. Our digital marketing company is an expert in creating digital campaigns that will explore your website traffic, generate leads, and increase business KPIs.

How It Is


We offer professional web design services at affordable rates to help your business attract more visitors and keep them on your site!

Info gathering
Testing & Launch

My IT Solutions is a renowned website designing company. providing specialized services in website designing, website development, mobile application development for Android and IOS, graphics designing, seo services.

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Address: Wyndham vale, Melbourne
Phone: +61 476 509 598
Email: info@myitsolutions.com.au

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